Episode 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Directed by David Yates. Warner Bros., 2009.

Pre-Screening Sips

  • Yaaas, we’ve made it to Half-Blood Prince!!
  • I must have seen this movie three times in the theater—I remember it being the most fun of the “dark” Potter movies

Post-Screening Snippets

  • “I come by the stuffing naturally” is the new “more to love”
  • We spend a great deal of the early movies watching Dumbledore turn on lights and microphone his voice, so it is great to see his magic pop off from the beginning
  • The Harry-Ginny romance is convincing for exactly 0 seconds
  • The moment Snape swish-and-flicks Wormtail out of his room is the moment we know this is really Snape’s movie and we’re all just watching it
  • Each new cast member is worthy of an award: Helen McCroy is brilliantly tortured as Mrs. Malfoy, Jim Broadbent is superiorly silly as Slughorn, and Freddie Stroma is spot-on as the wizard jock boy
  • I don’t understand why no one has bought me Luna’s groovy glasses?
  • This is by a wide margin the most hilarious of the films, I could not stop chuckling throughout
  • The hormones are RAGING at every turn
  • I must give Fumbledore credit where it’s due, this is the best portrayal of Dumbles throughout the eight Potter movies
  • I really identify with Hermione’s big Monica Geller energy when someone is doing better in class than her
  • I will never deliver a line as exceptionally as Rickman delivers, “You just…know?”
  • Luna’s casual lion hat is the future of fashion
  • Professor Slughorn is every college English professor who cannot stop using students to fill their social calendar
  • I’ve never understood why Sabretooth from X-Men shows up in this movie as a Death Eater
  • The Draco v. Harry duel is thrilling and the accidental near-murder of Malfoy really shows off Harry’s powers
  • Lucky Harry is the best version of Harry throughout
  • The sheer amount of drugged and drunkenness in this movie is next level
  • The horcrux situation will never cease to confuse me
  • The clocktower sequence is one of the best in the entire franchise

The Final Potion

            Harry Potter and the Horny, Hammered Warlocks is a high point for the series on a technical, narrative, tonal, and thematic level. Both hilarious and heartbreaking, thrilling and sweet, and gorgeous and gloomy, episode six is everything.


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