December 24: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Directed by Bill Melendez. Lee Mendelson Films, 1965.

Pre-Screening Sips

  • Yes, I’m doing another TV special, but come on, this one is an absolute classic
  • I’ve definitely seen this many times throughout my life, but it actually has not been in my annual rotation

Post-Screening Snippets

  • Am I the only one who thinks “Christmas Time is Here” sounds kind of creepy?
  • Charlie Brown’s holiday malaise is so hot right now
  • Lucy’s psychiatry booth seems pretty on par for modern psychiatry
  • What in the child services is going on with Pig-Pen’s hygiene?
  • Charlie Brown choosing the broken, little tree because “it needs [him]” gives me major Phoebe Buffay energy
  • Everything Snoopy does is magnificent
  • Snoopy’s decorated doghouse (as seen in the image above), is the level I’m trying to be on – I understand the point is that you don’t need all of the “things” to enjoy Christmas, but I love things, especially when they light up
  • I’m glad that all the kids come together at the end to celebrate Charlie Brown’s version of Christmas, but they also need to throw him a parade to make-up for how mean they were to him

The Final Hot Chocolate

            Of everything I’ve watched during Christmas Countdown, A Charlie Brown Christmas might actually be the most 2020. We are all the broken, little Christmas tree that just needs a little love. Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas won’t solve our problems, but it might just give you the nostalgic hug you need right now.


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