December 3: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Directed by Chuck Jones & Ben Washam. MGM Television, 1966.

Pre-Screening Sips

  • Okay, so l know that technically this isn’t a Christmas movie, but I would bet a lot of folx consider it in their Christmas movie rotation, so here we are
  • I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw this, but I know I watched it many times when I was younger

Post-Screening Snippets

  • Wait, has “Trim Up the Tree” been kind of a banger this whole time? Why hasn’t Mariah covered this yet?
  • Honestly, how are all of the Whos not deaf? This ruckus is really out of control
  • Sitting at the table where the Whos feast, and they feast, and they feast, feast, feast, feast is the truth I want to live
  • The Grinch’s insane, curly smile used to scare me as a kid, but now—wait, no, it’s still scary
  • I appreciate that The Grinch has no earthly possessions but sewing materials; I’m ready for Project Runway: Grinch Stars
  • Why is this the first time I’ve ever noticed that Cindy-Lou Who has literal antennae?
  • There are a lot of clever animations throughout, but The Grinch unfolding a Christmas tree like an umbrella really made me Ho Ho Ho
  • The sound editing is particularly sharp for a 60’s special
  • Since The Grinch discovers the true meaning of Christmas is community spirit, do we think the people who protest Starbucks cups protest this movie, too?
  • I’m suddenly reminded there is a forgotten sequel to this called Halloween Is Grinch Night

The Final Hot Chocolate

         I anticipate having How The Grinch Stole Christmas on frequently this holiday season! The animation is beautiful and each shot is bursting with holiday cheer. The Grinch’s little animated flourishes—his Santa hat moving with his eyebrows is a favorite of mine—and Boris Karloff’s performance really demonstrate why this Grinch is a pop culture icon.  


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