Post-Screening Snippets Roundup 2019 – Part 2

Post-Screening Snippets Roundup 2019 – Part 2

I’m a little bit late this week due to a crazy flu-like bug that knocked me out, but I’m back and ready to share Part 2 of my Post-Screening Snippets Roundup for 2019!


Crawl – July

  • Without a doubt, this is the chompiest movie I’ve seen all year – and I loved it!
  • Animal horror is a research area I’m particularly interested in and this film hits all of the targets perfectly: exaggerated real-life animal monsters, mother nature fighting back against man, and a series of clever ways for people to die by animal jaws.
  • Like all of my babies from Skins, I’ve followed Kaya Scodelario since the late-2000s and I am so excited that she is now the lead in a movie! I’m so proud of this person I will never get to meet.


Brittany Runs a Marathon – August

  • There is a lot more depth in this movie than I expected, especially with how the film addresses weight.
  • The scene where Brittany ruins her brother-in-law’s birthday party felt so authentic and was played with such real shame that I really think Jillian Bell should be in the awards conversation.
  • “We’re going backwards” – this is how I feel every time I try to jog.


Hustlers – September

  • This movie had the potential to be a typical movie where women turn against each other, but instead we get a beautiful story of empowerment and female love!
  • The performances in this movie are all incredible. Jennifer Lopez has never been better. Constance Wu is strong and heartbreaking. Keke Palmer is charming. Lizzo and Cardi B are both great on-screen talents.
  • The way this film captures the enchanting, yet toxic environment of the clubs is pure magic.
  • The “Criminal” routine along should get J.Lo an Oscar.
  • This is the only movie that I’ve left this year and immediately wanted to see it again.


Joker – October

  • Well, I didn’t hate it like I thought I would.
  • Here’s the thing, with a movie this highly publicized and discussed, it’s hard to separate the film from the conversation. Every time I hear the filmmakers discuss the movie, I like it even less; however, I thought there were some good sequences in the movie and Joaquin is amazing.
  • I know the score is getting a lot of praise, but I could not help thinking I was listening to repurposed Game of Thrones music.


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – November

  • Was I the only one who didn’t realize that this was not a Mr. Rogers biopic?
  • Wow. Every few years there is a new Tom Hanks performance that reminds me just how special he is as an actor. If you don’t feel the depth of your soul in the diner scene, you might be a sociopath.


Black Christmas – December

  • This is a bad movie, no doubt, but I do wonder if I would have found it “so bad it’s good” if I didn’t have one of the worst theater-going experiences ever while watching it. Now, I don’t want to go on a rant, so I shan’t.
  • This script is absolutely bonkers. I’m not even talking about the magical statue that bleeds misogynistic goo. I’m talking about the sheer amount of well-intended but horribly executed “woke dialogue.”
  • I did have to remind myself multiple times that this was supposed to be a horror movie since the scare factor is about a -4.

Tomorrow, I’ll have my special Oscars day post, so make sure to check-in again soon!

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